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Advocacy for Safety & Dignity

When policy and procedure are created that cause incarcerated women's human rights to be infringed upon, we prioritize these issues, because we remember the hopelessness and darkness that looms over us when we are silenced. Restoring lost voices and standing firmly for what is good and right and true is the foundation that WIIW is built on. 

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BPH Preparedness

It takes a team to prepare for parole suitability hearings. The emotional and physical toll it takes on people is a burden we try to lighten by partnering with women and their legal teams long before their board date. We collect support letters, help get the mind and soul ready for board decisions, and develop a plan for every outcome. 


Commutation Support

Being granted a commutation of sentence in California is not unheard of anymore, even for those sentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP). As in BPH Preparation, filing for a commutation of sentence can take an emotional and physical toll. We provide direction, consultation, support letters, and partner with outside agencies for women seeking a commutation of sentence.

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Freedom Campaigns

Freedom campaigns consist of 1,000 personalized, pre-addressed postcards to the Governor’s office, advocating for the commutation of someone sentenced to Life Without The Possibility of Parole, and postage. The cost for each campaign is $600. To fund a campaign click the Donate button below.


Re-Entry Support

Transitioning from prison to the free world can be a stressful and retraumatizing experience, but it does not have to be. We provide one-on-one mentoring, peer support, employment preparation, and education with a focus on tech literacy for women re-entering society, some after years. We also act as a resource hub to connect women to dignified resources and other re-entry services that best fit their needs.

Self-Care Postcards

The Self-Care Postcards program is our way of sharing helpful skills and tips with our sisters. Anyone who requests to be placed on the Self-Care Postcard list will receive 1-2 postcards per month. Topics include Grounding Techniques, Positive Self-Talk, Boundaries, and more. A set of 50 postcards/postage is $45. Click the Donate button below if you would like to help fund this program.


Newsletter for Our Incarcerated Sisters

W.A.Y. is an acronym for We Are You. We have been where they are and know how it feels. Our little publication is our way of supporting our sisters inside in their journey of healing and overcoming; our love letter to them.

The W.A.Y. is sent at no cost to our incarcerated sisters. Issues include topics such as legislation and case law that impact California prisoners, health and well-being information, resources, tips for successful board hearings and commutation applications,  inspirational and empowering stories, and fun articles.

If you would like to download a copy of The W.A.Y. you can do so here. If you would like to sign up to receive a copy via email as soon as it is published, you can do so by submitting a Contact Us form and messaging "Send me The WAY" here. 100 newsletters cost $124 to print. If you would like to help us with our printing costs, you can do so here.



WIIW Express is our ride-home service for women incarcerated in California's Women's prisons. We provide transportation from "the gate" to parole-approved transitional housing/residential addresses for women who do not have a ride home. Our drivers are formerly incarcerated women who know what it’s like to parole, some after decades. We understand the multitude of emotions that come with this part of the journey, from excitement to nervousness. We’re here for our sisters. Our rides include our WIIW Welcome Home Bags, a little something to welcome women home in dignity & style. And hey! Lunch is on us! One of the questions our staff at WIIW remember answering was, "What's the first thing you're going to eat when you parole?" Well, we want to be there when our sisters take that first bite! They pick the place; we pick up the tab.


The safety & dignity of incarcerated women must be prioritized!


Being that we at Woman II Woman are all formerly incarcerated, have been impacted by the system, are now in a constant state of a life long recovery process to maintain mental health, and put a great deal of effort into simply living post incarceration, we feel deeply what happens to our sisters inside. It affects us because part of us is still inside. We believe that they need to be prioritized, because what they are subjected to, what tests they are used for, what few rights they have that are taken away are what we have to look forward to in the free world if we do not stand up for who society considers the least of us. Once a woman becomes state property, once she walks off her county bus and into the prison gates, she is forgotten. We have to change that, because all people have redemptive value. Everyone has the ability to change and grow. Everyone deserves to do their time in an environment where they can rehabilitate. Everyone has the right of being a part of something positive without being exploited in some way, shape or form. We want to nurture positive change while growing in areas that we need to improve in our own lives, because we know this is a life long process, and we are committed and we are not going anywhere. 

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