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Amie Ichikawa

Founder, Executive Director, Tech Literacy Dept.Director, Social Media Manager, Subject Matter Expert: Incarcerated Women's Rights

Amie Ichikawa was incarcerated at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla for five years. She realized there is a major lack of re-entry services for women and limited accessibility to those available services upon release. She is one of the founding members of womaniiwoman who's goal is to empower incarcerated women to stand up for themselves and become actively involved in campaigning for their own freedom.

Tiasha Croslin

Founder, Assistant Director, Director of PR/Community Affairs, Subject Matter Expert: Juvenile and Adult Justice System Impaction

Tiasha (Tish) Croslin was incarcerated in the California correctional system from ages 15 through 35. She had to fight for the most basic of needs, like menstrual products, and was subjected to state abuse. Now that she out, she’s fighting to bring the injustices to an end.

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Liz Stroder

Assistant Director of Operations, Director of Health and Wellness, BPH, Commutation & Re-entry Specialist, Subject Matter Expert: Female LWOP

Liz Stroder was incarcerated in the California correctional system for 25 years, the majority of which she was sentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP). Though faced with a sentence of death by incarceration, she chose a path of transformation, growth, and personal empowerment. While on this journey, she discovered a passion for helping others. Liz began facilitating classes, developing curriculums, advocating for change, and implementing programs to encourage and empower her peers. In 2017, her sentence was commuted to 25-life by Governor Brown; she has since been released from prison and parole. Today Liz continues to inspire change and give hope to system-impacted people through education, action, and empowerment.

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